Small Update

April 25th, 2014 by Brentonator We've pushed out a small update for the game. This update includes source engine updates from Valve, such as the recent server security issue most notably affecting Gary's mod.  

  • Updated to latest SDK2013 binaries 
  • Added cl_connectmethod to PlayerInfo. 
  • Added engine interface for Account IDs. (sync'd steamclient) 
  • Various checks to make sure file transfers are genuine. 
  • Restricted MOTDs to begin with http(s). 
  • Common engine crash fixes

If you own a Windows Server you'll have to update the SDK2013 Base files manually via SteamCMD: 

app_update 244310 validate

You can check if your game has been updated by running the following command (output is shown as well): sv_setsteamaccount  If you get "unknown command" your engine has not been updated.

Some servers have been having issues with users connecting to Chinatown. Users have also reported an error "Netchannel: unknown net message (42)" while trying to connect. If either of these issues are affecting you, you will need to request the server owner verify their installation. If you update with the -verify_all command it should resolve the issue.

1.07.9 Update Released

March 7th, 2014 by Brentonator

1.07.9 is finally out. It introduces a new weapon, a new survival map, a new objective map, a few dozen fixes, and an easier way to get into the game.

Camp Blood - A lakeside camping trip gone wrong, you're the only survivors left and there are rumors of a horde of zombies coming your way. Fight your way to an interesting (and sometimes hillarious) ending.
   [pictured in header]

Junction - An amazing new objective map with an exciting ending made possible by ThoughT's excellent music composition and Hypnosis' level design.

Server Tags - You can now quickly find servers where you can spawn after connecting. Click "Add common tags..." on the bottom right of the server browser and select "Spawning:Active" to list only servers where there are at least 25 seconds left to spawn.


Future Plans

We haven't talked much about the future plans of NMRiH, so let's do that real quick, shall we? Our top priority right now is useability. We realize that people are frustrated with too much downtime during death and waiting for new rounds to begin. In 1.07.9 we introduced the very first step (a small one albeit) in making the game easier to play, thus more fun. The common tags mentioned above. This is just a small thing and we have bigger changes and improvements planned. We have listened to the feedback over this, but if you'd like to further discuss it head over to our Forum!

As for second priorities, new content is always being created. We have a couple new features that are close to done, but we don't want to make any promises or tease anything until we have them actually in the game and ready.

As always, thanks for playing!

Note: If you've found a bug, please click on this link. If your game crashes, please click here.
Extra Note: If your sound is glitchy, please head to your common/nmrih/nmrih folder and delete the following files:

  • modelsounds.cache
  • nmrih.vpk.sound.cache
  • sound.cache (this one's located at common/nmrih/nmrih/sound)



  • Levels will now follow the zombie caps set in the overlord_zombie_helper map entity
  • Zombies will no longer walk to func_safe_zones which have the InputDeactivate flag enabled
  • Zombies should now all properly freeze in place when the Extraction Cutscene starts
  • Zombies will now longer spawn in the middle of the Extraction Cutscene
  • Fixed a crash that involved infection and constant map changing/round resetting
  • Fixed a bug that caused players to get stuck using Health crates
  • Tracked zombies have been redefined as zombies who have a specific spawn brush
  • Wave and func_zombie_spawn.input_zombie_spawn mapper created zombies will now count against the map-based zombie cap.
  • Disabled the tactical reload functionality for the Mac 10
  • Added func_nav_blocker entity
  • Added fa_jae700
  • Added nmo_junction
  • Added nms_campblood
  • Added new achievements for the two new maps
  • Added new tags in Server Browser to make searching easier
  • Disabled auto weapon switch on pickup
  • Fixed a bunch of small things related to crashes and memory corruption
  • Updated version number to 1.07.9
  • Made ssba more of a jerkwad
  • Fixed sound errors with certain Voice Sets
  • Hooked in new ambient/tension/evac music files to Dynamic Music System
  • Added the ability to taunt zombies and other players
  • Updated the Winchester 1892 ironsight fire animation to be 'less flashy'
  • Added the JAE700 Sniper Rifle
  • Added various new textures and props for junction/campblood and future maps
  • Converted older prop models to prop_static
  • Removed outdated props with missing textures
  • Made additional visual tweaks to the zombie player models
  • Recompiled the following maps to properly use the now functioning zombie cap values set in overlord_zombie_helper: nmo_broadway, nmo_chinatown, nmo_cabin, nms_flooded, nms_northway, nms_silence, nms_isolated, nms_ransack
  • Made minor adjustments in the garage area in nmo_chinatown
  • Added a new Objective level, Junction.
  • Added a new Survival level, Campblood.
  • Blocked/closed upstairs windows (removed unused hint/skip)
  • Added tonemap controller to the level (adjusted hdr)
  • Improvements to some lighting.
  • Redid the bridge connecting the two houses
  • Removed Zone B, made the two houses fall under Zone A
  • Added some lighting.
  • Added new smoke particles to fire barrels.
  • Improved some displacements.
  • Some texture improvements.
  • Improved functionality to supply drop air_node nav.
  • Fixed broken outputs wave controller
  • Changed max zombie count to 70
  • Changed supply drop from every 5 rounds to every 3 rounds.
  • Other small improvements.

MOTY 2013 + New Maps and Weapons

December 12th, 2013 by Xendrid

You did it! No More Room in Hell was nominated for the Mod of the Year Awards 2013! So what now? Now  comes the final voting for the awards. We must call upon our awesome  community once more.


Development News

As  of right now we are working on wrapping up some major features that we  have had in the works for awhile. If you thought child zombies was a  controversial topic, wait until you see what we have planned next!  Expect a video sometime early next year.

Our level design team  has been busy updating current maps and Hammering out new ones. Here are  some WIP screenshots of two new upcoming maps:

nmo_junction by Hypnosis

nms_campblood by Grasn

Here  are two new melee weapons that we will be adding along with a donated  rifle from the wonderful Steph Lane who works at Digital Extremes, the  studio behind The Darkness II!

Fubar by Maxx

Work in progress animation by Rock

E-Tool by Maxx

Remington JAE 700 by Steph Lane and Maxx

Now Available On Steam [FREE]

October 31st, 2013 by Xendrid "Two years. That’s how long it has been since our team’s first release of No More Room in Hell, to the day. It was October 31, 2011 and we were nervous, frightened, anxious, terrified and more excited than we ever thought possible. At least, that was until today. It has been a very long and strange path from this game’s humble beginnings as a pre-emptive mod for Half-Life 2 started in 2003 by a doe-eyed optimistic young go-getter named Coleman Sweeney, to my inheritance of the No More Room in Hell name, all the way through until today: our breakthrough release on Valve’s Steam platform.

Today we are bringing to the world the best version of No More Room in Hell to date with more content than ever before. Although we believed that the anticipation and excitement we experienced during the original release phase of No More Room in Hell could never be surpassed, this new cornerstone in the games development has proven that thought very wrong. To be delivering a game made solely from passion, fandom and friendship on a premiere platform like Steam to thousands of players is both mind-blowing, and humbling.

Our game is, as always, 100% completely free. All we want is to deliver a fun experience that we hope all of our fans new and old enjoy together.

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Matt ‘Maxx’ Kazan and as project manager it is my pleasure to present No More Room in Hell 1.07, now available on Steam."

Download Now Join the Official Steam Group These first few weeks are important in helping us finding major bugs. You can help us make a better game by sending us videos or reports of bugs to

1.07 Changelog


  • New Weapon: CZ858 7.62x39 rifle
  • New Weapon: PSE Deer Hunter compound bow
  • New Weapon: Molotov Cocktail
  • New Weapon: Military Grade TNT
  • New Weapon: Glock 17
  • New Item: Zippo Lighter
  • New residential props for Toxteth, NotLD
  • New Commercial props for Toxteth, Ransack
  • New misc props added
  • Added loadscreen art for NotLD, Ransack
  • 3 new skins for "Jogger" zombie model
  •  2 new skins for "Casual" zombie model
  • Removed "Lisa" zombie model
  • Reskinned the following survivors: Bateman, Hunter, Molotov, Jive, Wally
  • Reskinned the following weapons: Kitchen Knife, S&W686,
  • New texture for 1st person player hands
  • Removal of outdated props/textures
  • Updated bbox on w_me_kitknife.mdl
  • Added optimized lod models for zombies
  • Added more props in models/props/electronics
  • Added more props in models/props/misc
  • Added more props in models/props/rural
  • Converted a crap ton of old props into prop_statics
  • Added army_barrier_hesco model
  • Added various props from grasn
  • Updated/Optimized various particle effects
  • Updated character select images
  • Updated Broadway movie screen texture
  • Added preliminary zombie crawling animations (not in game just yet :P)
  • Added Coast Guard Cutter ship model by Maxx
Code and Gameplay
  • Ported game from Source 2007 to Source 2013
  • Linux Client support added
  • Mac Client support added
  • Multi Core support added
  • Experimental Oculus Rift support added
  • Moved all files except for maps into .vpks
  • Added new dynamic music system.  Music is split into various "tension" levels based on how many zombies are nearby, pursuing, or attacking the player
  • Hand and weapon bloodiness separated so that hands will continue to be bloody after switching weapons (and vis versa if picking up a bloody weapon)
  • Added new melee hit detection system to a couple of melee weapons: (fire axe, hatchet, crowbar, spade, sledgehammer, baseball bat, machete, maglite, lead pipe)
  • Added motion blur swing trail for melee weapons
  • Players can once again lose Survival maps if all zones are lost
  • FEMA Repair bags now replenish 25% zone health (previously it healled up to 10%)
  • Reduced drain speed of zone health in Survival Mode from zombies
  • Removed flare guns from helicopter supply drops
  • Screen no longer goes black when dying due to fall damage
  • Added new class of weapon: Bows They have their own unique controls, physics and behavior
  • Added PSE Deer Hunter.  Arrows may penetrate a zombie, will stick to walls / zombies / players, and are recoverable
  • Added CZ858
  • Added 'motion disabled' flag for single weapons in FGD
  • Medkit will always stop bleeding when used, and heal 30HP
  • Bandages will always stop bleeding when used, and heal 15HP
  • Medkit weight reduced by 15%
  • bandage weight reduced by 50%
  • Pills weight reduced by 30%
  • Added glow effect to items that can be picked up / used.  Items that glow red cannot be picked up.
  • Items can now be +USE'd through player clips
  • Extraction entities are no longer preserved across map reset in order to prevent extraction events from happening after a reset
  • Zombies are no longer limited in number of randomized textures
  • Fix broken "Join Game" button if at join game screen during a new wave in survival mode
  • Made loading screen music volume affected by music volume setting
  • Switched muzzle flashes to be dlights instead of elights (TODO: should we make this a convar?)
  • Added runner_chance_modifier & child_chance_modifier on func_zombie_spawn in Hammer
  • Added inputs to control the runner/child modifier variables: InputSetRunnerChance & InputSetChildChance
  • Corrected runner chance for use as runnerModifier on instant_zombie_spawn in Wave mode
  • Fixed wave spawning to be fully random among the active zombie zones
  • Switched from FMOD Studio to FMOD EX
  • Updated collision on w_me_kitknife.mdl
  • Fixed typo in random_spawner for shotgun ammo
  • Added some randomization to zombie sounds
  • Pulled the First Person camera back a bit on the following weapons: fa_m92fs, fa_sw686, fa_1911
  • Renamed weapon_grenade to exp_grenade
  • Added Molotov Cocktail
  • Added Military Grade TNT
  • Added Glock 17
  • Added 360controller.cfg by YahJ
  • Removed team switch/spec console commands
  • You can now only carry one grenade, one molotov, and one TNT at a time
  • Reduced blast radius of Grenade
  • Increased Grenade damage to 250 (from 150)
  • Weapons and items from Supply Crate won't spawn inside the ground if you try to pick them up with no inventory space left
  • Fixed sprint occasionally breaking after using the Supply Crate
  • Fixed an uncommon grab bug where you'll still get grabbed if you shove a zombie right on its grabbing animation frame
  • func_vphysics_clips are no longer deleted and recreated on round reset
  • Added a 10 second grace period for survivors to board up and prepare for zombies at the start of each new wave
  • Added 68 unlockable achievements into the game
  • Fixed fire effects randomly going out and crashing
  • Game now stores data in .vpks for potentially faster loading speeds
  • Animations will no longer glitch up after the extraction vehicle cutscene plays
  • Converted music files from .wav to .ogg to decrease file sizes
  • Fixed neck blood squirting particle effect for female zombies
  • Fixed mass of zombies to prevent death by watermelonz
  • Made zombie sounds positional
  • Updated character select font sizes
Level Design
- nmo_chinatown updated
  • Retextured gunshop interior
  • Reworked gunshop's entrance
  • Added physicsclip in car repair shop
  • Added physicsclip in the entrance of the subway
  • Replaced ticket machine and trashbin props with updated ones
  • Fixed miscellaneous small issues
  • Updated nav mesh
- nmo_broadway updated
  • Updated nav mesh
  • Tweaked zombie spawn areas
  • Redid the extraction phase (you'll escape by train)
  • Moved the cinema restrooms into a different area
  • Fixed a bug where you would get stuck inside the FastEx truck doors if you stood in front of them
  • Clipped off various god spots
  • Added phys clip to truck "barricade" by diner to prevent players from tossing objective items into unreachable areas
- nmo_cabin updated
  • Made some of the doors flip the opposite direction and added some trigger_push on a few (like the 2 front doors) to make sure    zombies are not blocking it when it opens.
  • Replaced 40 or 50  prop_physics_mulitplayer with prop_static of the all props_c17 props grasn recompiled as $staticprop. There is still 210 prop_physics in the map.
  • Optimized visleafs for Vvis.exe. PortalFlow compile time went from 4 minutes to 1 minute on my machine ( 4.2ghz quad). (should make the map less annoying to compile for others)
  •  Changed the evac radio with the new HAM Radio prop made by Guessy (aka MrCJ).
  • Tried fixing the book safe door going through the painting (when you get the book). Seems the input "Wake" though it still not working for it maby.
  • Updated tonemap controller with SetAutoExposureMax 5 , SetAutoExposureMin 0.8 (Now one should be able to see properly without the lighting/HDR fucking with their eyes. )
  • Fixed the window out front that was not actually sealed but was actually func_detail with still an areaportal in it.
  • Fixed this annoying collision around the sitars out the basement from a garbage pile that would stop you near the stairs.
  •  Added a ambient light around the helicopter so you can actually see it
  • Evac music now works. Added InputTriggerEvac
  • Changed basement ladder model
  • Added a chance where some of the water in the catacombs can be electrified, you can turn it off by finding a generator somewhere in the nearby area
  • Changed lighting of the front porch of the cabin
  • Basement/catacomb lighting has been changed to be darker
- nms_isolated updated
  • Replaced some of the current art with updated models/textures.
  • Clipped off/fixed some god spots.
  • Improved optimisation.
  • Restored foliage.
  • New map textures.
  • Reduced number of zones to 3.
  • Relocated FEMA bags to work with survival gameplay.
  • Added PSE Deer Hunter spawn possibilities.
  • Increased the zombie increment from 11 to 13.
  • Supply drops now come at wave 4 and 8.
- nms_northway updated
  • Made the breakroom a little bit more spacious by arranging furniture, which also means the godspot on the table is gone (hopefully).
  • Added the dinertrashcontainers to the diner.
  • Closed off 2 of the large windows in diner, to reduce the visibility a little bit.
  • Fixed most of the reported god spots
  • Updated nav mesh
- nms_isolated updated
  • Replaced some of the current art with updated models/textures.
  • Clipped off/fixed some god spots.
  • Improved optimisation.
  • Restored foliage.
  • New map textures.
  • Reduced number of zones to 3.
  • Relocated FEMA bags to work with survival gameplay.
  • Added PSE Deer Hunter spawn possibilities.
  • Increased the zombie increment from 11 to 13.
  • Supply drops now come at wave 4 and 8.
- nms_ransack added
- nms_notld added
- nms_silence added
- nmo_toxteth added
- nmo_lakeside added
  • All new music for the OST built in to the dynamic music system: tension levels 1 2 3, pursuit, attack, evacuation, and more.
  • Rerecorded lines for Cleric and tFg voice set.
  • New voice sets: Bingo Bango, James Rossi and The League of Cloaks
  • Updated firearm sounds for pistols, rifles, shotguns, and more.
  • Added sounds for CZ858, PSE Deer Hunter, Glock 17, TNT & Molotov Cocktail .
  • Added Nation guard survival lines, these will play every wave and alert players if a zone is being captured.
  • Updated chainlink footstep sound.
  • Updated Main Menu UI Sounds.
  • Remastered Chainsaw Sounds.
  • Replaced Helicopter Rotor Sound.
  • Fixed a bug where the Rotor sound would stop looping.
  • Converted all sound files to .wav for Linux compatibility
  • Updated Ruger Mk III Animations
  • Fixed missing animation events for fa_sw686 (sounds for SW686 + Flashlight Combo & SW686 Dryfire now work as intended)
  • Fixed missing/unfinished animations for Flare Gun
  • New melee tracer system for: Fire Axe, hatchet, spade, crowbar, machete, kitchen knife, baseball bat, sledge, lead pipe, wrench,  barricade hammer
  • New set of machete animation
  • New set of lead pipe animation
  • New set of fire axe animations
  • New set of wrench animations
  • Updated spade charged attack animation
  • Updated 3rd person idle animation
  • New Runner Zombie moving animation
  • Updated Winchester 1892 ironsight animation
  • Increased Winchester 1892 lever action animation speed by 28%
  • Moved the M9/1911/SW686/Mark 3 pistol ironsights further away
  • Improved navigation.
  • The conga line is now strictly banned.
  • Walk animations will not jutter at nav joints.
  • Velocity is now used to predict player location.
  • Objective mode enables collisions between zombies (except for runners).
  • Spawn brushes now allow mappers to customize child/runner chance.
  • Survival allows spawn brushes to be enabled/disabled and respects that change.
  • Survival requires one enabled spawn brush at map load.
  • Compiled skins of identical zombie models into one model for optimization.
  • Zombie bones optimized for improved performance.
  • Zombie LOD added (Level of detail).
  • overlord_wave_controller now has an I/O for wave complete events.
  • Random weapon spawners have options for spawning with physics to avoid bugs with ammo/pills falling at odd angles and blocking nav.
  • Random weapon spawners have an input to spawn on I/O.

Mac & Linux Support + Release FAQ

October 21st, 2013 by Xendrid Hello survivors! Are you stockpiling for the apocalypse? The team is. We are stocked, locked, and loaded in preparation for release.

Since we ported over to Source 2013, we were able to include Mac and Linux support for No More Room in Hell! Now everyone can kill zombies equally despite their preference in operating system. We have been getting a lot of the same questions recently so I compiled the most frequent ones below and answer them for you guys.

How much will it cost? -
No More Room in Hell will be 100% free. Zero microtransactions. That means you pay nothing. I'm serious.

When will it be released? -
It will be available October 31st, 2013 - SO SPOOKY!

Will I need Half-Life 2 or will it be standalone? -
You will need Half-Life 3. Just kidding. It will be standalone. You will only need a valid Steam account.

Pre-load? -
NO. Unfortunately we are unable to provide a pre-load for our game.

Will there be updates to the game after release? -
YES. The game is still in Beta. We want to make sure the game is as bug free as possible and feature complete before we consider it out of beta. We will be rebalancing, updating art, replacing existing systems with new and better ones, adding more game modes, maps, and more!

Can we donate to the team? -
NO. We appreciate the support, but our team is far too large and the project has seen numerous contributors over the years that have come and gone. It would be impossible to distribute donations evenly.

How can I help with the project? -
We are always looking for talent to help us make NMRiH the best zombie game ever. The areas we need help in the most are:

- Animators with Source engine knowledge
- Programmers with Source engine knowledge
- Character modelers
- Level designers

To apply, post an application on our forums:

If you have any other questions we would be happy to answer them in the comments! Thanks!
- Xendrid

Steam Release Date and Trailer

October 16th, 2013 by Xendrid

Attention survivors!

We are proud to announce a release date for our Steam release. Hell is overflowing to the brink. On Halloween it will spill over into the mouth of society. Your cute little floaties will not be enough to keep you alive in the tidal wave that is about to hit. Now stock up and get hyped with a release trailer!



Let's Survive Episode 4 - NotLD Part 2

October 14th, 2013 by Xendrid The team continues to fight the undead, talks about Fight Club, and discusses adding a new character to NMRiH!

Map: nms_notld by Payne

Filmed in an outdated v1.07 pre-release Steam build. Everything you see is a WORK IN PROGRESS. Footage is not representative of the final game.


Xendrid - Public Relations
Maxx - Team Lead
essbuh - Lead Programmer
Riley - Lead Tester
grasn - Level Designer
Joshikumako - Lead Euro Tester
Hypnosis - Level Designer
Ryan - Level Designer

Outro music by Aaron Wilde |

Let's Survive Episode 3 - NotLD

October 8th, 2013 by Xendrid We find ourselves trapped in the same house Barbara fled to in the 1968 zombie classic, Night of the Living Dead. If only Ben had a sledgehammer!

Map: nms_notld by Payne

Filmed in an outdated v1.07 pre-release Steam build. Everything you see is a WORK IN PROGRESS. Footage is not representative of the final game.


Xendrid - Public Relations
Maxx - Team Lead
essbuh - Lead Programmer
Riley - Lead Tester
grasn - Level Designer
Joshikumako - Lead Euro Tester
Hypnosis - Level Designer
Ryan - Level Designer

Outro music by Aaron Wilde |

Dev Log #2 - Better Late Than Never

September 29th, 2013 by Xendrid We are still alive! Join Bryn 'TheForgotton' Schurman, composer, voice actor, and sound engineer on a journey to learn the truth about our Steam release and to shed some light on what our team has been working on in the shadows.

Let's Survive Episode 2 - LAKESIDE

September 24th, 2013 by Xendrid The team takes a run at gregster's new map, nmo_lakeside. Will they enjoy the quaint outdoors? Will they go for a boat ride and playfully splash each other? Spoiler: No. Well maybe later.

Filmed in an outdated v1.07 pre-release Steam build. Everything you see is a WORK IN PROGRESS. Footage is not representative of the final game.


Xendrid - Public Relations
Lou Saffire - Level Designer
Rock - Animator
ThoughT - Composer
Porky-da-Corgi - Texture Artist
Ryan - Level Designer

Outro music by Aaron Wilde |
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